For the Topic: 'Crime and Punishment'

January 6: “Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make” - Old Song

January 30: “The Burglar’s Friend”

April 29: “The Tall Sycamore of the Wabash in His Whirligig of Oratory”

May 16: “A Candid Opinion of the Submarine Telegraph”

May 17: “The Law”

May 22: “When His Skin Is Not In Danger, And—”

May 25: “Making An Example of Two Naughty Boys”

July 17: “He Tries to Steal Away”

August 19: “Two Great Questions”

September 23: “A Second Degradation”

September 24: “Give the Red Man a Chance”

October 12: “Stop Thief!”

November 8: “The Tramp’s Millennium"

November 21: “Held Up The Wrong Man"

December 10: “From Grave to Gay”

December 30: “Manila’s Finest”

“Advice to the Head Boy”
December 3, 2023


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