For the Topic: 'Colonialism/Imperialism'

January 7: “How is This for High?”

March 4: "Bear and (All) for Bear"

March 7: "Design for a Modern Historical Picture: Napoleon III crossing the American Continent on his Mexican Mule"

March 14: "The Anglo-Russian Trouble"

May 3: “Canada’s Real Home Rule”

June 1: “Nurse and Baby”

July 8: “Where Is Egypt Leading Them?”

July 20: “Mr. Clemens and the Marked Twain”

July 30: “Carrying the War into Africa”

August 9: “Another ‘Large Draft on our Credulity’…”

August 11: “He Made It All By Himself”

September 16: “That ‘Horrible’ Pasha”

October 17: “Sir Colin Campbell to the Rescue!”

October 22: “Russia and Turkey; Or, Which Is The Gobbler?”

November 11: “One At A Time"

December 17: “Sammy’s Sugar-Plums”

December 30: “Manila’s Finest”

“Absinthe Drinking …”
July 14, 2024


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