For the Topic: 'Children'

January 29: “Opium—the poor child’s nurse”

February 26: "New York as a Nursing-Mother to her Foundlings"

March 10: "A Polyglot Failure"

March 11: "Our Youth and Youth's Literature From A Chinese Point of View"

May 8: “The American River Ganges”

May 21: “An Old Scholar”

August 1: “How to Escape the Draft”

August 15: “The President’s Order No. 252”

November 10: “For Heaven’s Sake Do Not Embarrass the Administration"

December 14: “I hear there are some kids in the White House this year”

December 19: “The Drummer-Boy of Our Regiment”

December 26: “R. Johnson Shaking Hands With An English Boot-Black”

“Reform Without Bloodshed”
April 19, 2024


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