For the Topic: 'U.S. Foreign Policy'

January 10: “Obey the Law of Necessity”

January 15: “Turkish & Grecian”

March 8: "Lasker(ated)"

April 6: “The Only ‘Emergencies’ We Need Fear (?)”

April 10: “Our Yankee Notion”

April 20: “The Big Thing”

April 28: “The Balance of Trade with Great Britain Seems to be Still Against Us”

April 29: “The Tall Sycamore of the Wabash in His Whirligig of Oratory”

May 26: Untitled - NY alderman and Japanese visit

June 8: “The Great Balancing Act at Buffalo”

June 9: “The Boxers”

June 19: “Our Next Haul”

June 24: “Good Offices”

August 2: “Alas, Poor Lindley Murray”

August 9: “Another ‘Large Draft on our Credulity’…”

September 4: “Under a Palm Tree, Waiting for a Sail”

September 17: “The Naturalization Question …”

October 5: “The Apple of Discord at the Geneva Convention”

October 10: “Blair, the White Elephant of the Administration”

November 1: “John Bull’s Neutrality"

November 10: “For Heaven’s Sake Do Not Embarrass the Administration"

November 14: “A Very Mischievous Boy" from "Things of the Day"

November 18: “A Fair Field and No Favor!”

November 21: “Held Up The Wrong Man"

November 23: Untitled

December 26: “R. Johnson Shaking Hands With An English Boot-Black”

December 30: “Manila’s Finest”

“An Old Scholar”
May 21, 2024


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