For the Topic: 'Symbols, John Bull'

May 10: “Out on Parole ($500,000)”

May 11: Untitled - British Reform Bill of 1867

May 12: “Taking a Rest … Bismarck”

July 1: “An Interrupted Tête-À-Tête”

July 8: “Where Is Egypt Leading Them?”

July 24: “Uncle Sam Beats All Creation”

July 27: “Hurrah for the Shoes!”

July 29: “Something That Will Not ‘Blow Over’”

August 2: “Alas, Poor Lindley Murray”

September 26: “We Have Not Given Up Ruling The Waves Yet”

September 28: “The Sinews of War”

October 5: “The Apple of Discord at the Geneva Convention”

November 1: “John Bull’s Neutrality"

November 11: “One At A Time"

November 18: “A Fair Field and No Favor!”

November 23: Untitled

"Bear and (All) for Bear"
March 4, 2024


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