For the Topic: 'Presidential Administration, Ulysses S. Grant'

January 9: “The Ark of State”

January 10: “Obey the Law of Necessity”

January 20: “What I Know About Horace Greeley”

February 3: "The Civil Service As It Is"

February 6: "The Biggest Scare and Hoax Yet!"

February 12: "Robinson Crusoe Making a Man of his Friday"

May 23: “The Next Thing In Order”

June 3: “‘Why We Laugh’ Pro Tem”

June 17: “On To Washington!”

September 5: “Precious Jewell of They Return”

October 5: “The Apple of Discord at the Geneva Convention”

October 16: “Gold at 160. Gold at 130.”

November 7: “The Third-Term Panic"

November 22: “Uncle Sam’s Thanksgiving Dinner"

December 7: “No Surrender”

“An Old Scholar”
May 21, 2024


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