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February 6: "The Biggest Scare and Hoax Yet!"

February 10: "Cincinnatus"

February 28: "The Herald of Relief from America"

March 15: "Every Public Question With An Eye Only To The Public Good"

April 11: “Practical Education”

April 12: “The Prophet Russell Coming Out at the Little End of the Horn”

May 15: “Sorosis, 1869”

May 30: “Effect of the Vote on … Impeachment”

June 2: “The Chivalrous Press"

August 19: “Two Great Questions”

August 22: “Who Ought to Have the Cardinal’s Hat …?”

August 31: “The Flag He Fights Under”

September 15: “Can He Make the Donkey Drink”

September 22: “The Prince: Ideal & Real”

October 3: “Bohemians at the Grave of Shakespeare”

October 29: Untitled

November 2: “Cipher Mumm(er)y"

November 3: “King Andy"

November 6: “We Fight Mit Sigel"

November 7: “The Third-Term Panic"

November 12: “It’s Love That Makes the World Go Round"

November 13: “The Setting Sun"

December 2: “Go South, Young Man”

December 15: “The Cabinet”

December 20: Cartoon of Thomas Nast by de Grimm

December 28: “American Editors: Joseph Pulitzer”

“An Old Scholar”
May 21, 2024


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