For the Topic: 'Home Life'

January 1: Untitled

January 24: “Emancipation Proclamation”

January 29: “Opium—the poor child’s nurse”

February 17: "Get Thee Behind Me, (Mrs.) Satan!"

March 9: Untitled

March 21: "The Bar of Destruction"

April 27: “House Hunting”

May 14: “John Presents the Monthly Gas Tax”

June 10: “Victory and Death; Our Martyred President”

June 12: “Blessed Be the Union”

September 2: “Hurrying for the Train”

September 7: “Costume Suggested for the Brave Stay-at-Home Light Guard”

December 19: “The Drummer-Boy of Our Regiment”

“At Liberty’s Door”
July 23, 2024


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