For the Topic: 'France'

March 7: "Design for a Modern Historical Picture: Napoleon III crossing the American Continent on his Mexican Mule"

April 10: “Our Yankee Notion”

May 12: “Taking a Rest … Bismarck”

June 1: “Nurse and Baby”

June 22: “A Sudden Awakening”

June 23: “The Funny French Republic”

June 24: “Good Offices”

July 1: “An Interrupted Tęte-Ŕ-Tęte”

July 8: “Where Is Egypt Leading Them?”

July 30: “Carrying the War into Africa”

August 10: “Sudden Mania to Become Pianists …”

August 27: “Who Goes There?”

September 16: “That ‘Horrible’ Pasha”

September 23: “A Second Degradation”

November 18: “A Fair Field and No Favor!”

November 23: Untitled

November 27: “Pilgrim’s Progress in the Nineteenth Century"

“Reform Without Bloodshed”
April 19, 2024


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