For the Topic: 'Congress'

January 8: “Poor Cur (or Kerr)”

January 19: “The Late (Democratic) Cold Snap”

January 25: “The Ass and the Charger”

February 1: Untitled (President Johnson as Mercutio)

February 3: "The Civil Service As It Is"

February 20: "A Scene in Congress - Spectator's Gallery"

February 27: "The Trouble has Commenced - A Tale of Anxiety"

March 15: "Every Public Question With An Eye Only To The Public Good"

April 2: “U. S. Circus”

April 3: “Our Royal Rulers (By Divine Right) in Secret Session”

April 6: “The Only ‘Emergencies’ We Need Fear (?)”

April 9: “Time Works Wonders”

April 29: “The Tall Sycamore of the Wabash in His Whirligig of Oratory”

May 4: “Probabilities"

May 6: “Burst the Other Day at Washington, D. C.”

May 13: “The South … [and] the … Mississippi”

June 3: “‘Why We Laugh’ Pro Tem”

June 7: “Me Big Injun—Heap!”

June 11: “On by the Skin of His Teeth”

June 18: “Hercules Tears Theseus from the Rock …”

August 7: “Knock—They Might Open and Relieve You”

September 1: “Andrew Johnson’s Reconstruction and How it Works…”

September 8: “Gorman’s Triumph - A Humiliating Spectacle”

October 2: “En Tour”

October 12: “Stop Thief!”

November 2: “Cipher Mumm(er)y"

November 3: “King Andy"

December 3: “Advice to the Head Boy”

December 21: “Our American Czar and His Do-Nothing Policy”

December 24: “The Real ‘Irrepressible Conflict’”

“Absinthe Drinking …”
July 14, 2024


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