For the Topic: 'Civil War, Remembrance'

January 20: “What I Know About Horace Greeley”

February 18: "The Chinese Question"

May 4: “Probabilities"

June 4: “The Floral Tribute to the Nation’s Dead”

June 25: “A Demoralized Drum”

July 29: “Something That Will Not ‘Blow Over’”

September 21: “Let Us Clasp Hands Over the Bloody Chasm”

October 1: Untitled

October 5: “The Apple of Discord at the Geneva Convention”

October 27: “‘All Quiet on the’ Hudson”

November 3: “King Andy"

November 6: “We Fight Mit Sigel"

November 29: “Old Mother Buchanan at Wheatland"

“Reform Without Bloodshed”
April 19, 2024


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