For the Topic: 'American Indians'

January 16: "A School for Savages; or, Teaching the Young Idea not to Shoot"

February 12: "Robinson Crusoe Making a Man of his Friday"

May 29: “Completion of the Pacific Railroad …”

June 3: “‘Why We Laugh’ Pro Tem”

June 7: “Me Big Injun—Heap!”

June 17: “On To Washington!”

July 9: “A Natural Theory”

July 19: “An Independent Victory / ‘We Love Him Most for the Enemies That He Has Made’”

September 13: untitled

September 24: “Give the Red Man a Chance”

November 22: “Uncle Sam’s Thanksgiving Dinner"

December 6: “Making White Men ‘Good’ ”

December 11: “Christmas Settlement-Workers...”

“Absinthe Drinking …”
July 14, 2024


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