For the Topic: 'Wars, American Civil War'

January 2: "Angel of Peace"

January 17: Untitled

January 23: “The Recruiting Business”

January 24: “Emancipation Proclamation”

January 31: “Manager Lincoln”

February 7: "One of the Effects of the War"

February 20: "A Scene in Congress - Spectator's Gallery"

March 2: "Our Presidential Merryman"

March 19: "A Hint for the Sanitary Fair"

March 28: "How the Bowery Boys Amuse Themselves"

April 1: “The First of April, 1864”

April 4: “General Stuart’s New Aid”

April 12: “The Prophet Russell Coming Out at the Little End of the Horn”

April 22: “A Man Knows A Man”

April 26: “Commodore Foote’s Game of Ten Pins with Beauregard”

May 27: “Jefferson Davis As An Unprotected Female!”

June 4: “The Floral Tribute to the Nation’s Dead”

June 10: “Victory and Death; Our Martyred President”

June 25: “A Demoralized Drum”

June 29: “Governor Magoffin’s neutrality …”

July 2: “That’s What’s the Trouble with John C.”

July 12: Untitled

July 13: “Double-Quick Step To Richmond”

July 16: Untitled

August 1: “How to Escape the Draft”

August 15: “The President’s Order No. 252”

August 25: “The Coming Man’s Presidential Career—a la Blondin”

August 31: “The Flag He Fights Under”

September 3: “Compromise with the South”

September 7: “Costume Suggested for the Brave Stay-at-Home Light Guard”

September 10: “The Battle of Bulls and Bears”

September 13: untitled

September 21: “Let Us Clasp Hands Over the Bloody Chasm”

September 28: “The Sinews of War”

October 1: Untitled

October 4: “General McClellan Entering the Town of Frederick, Maryland”

October 12: “Stop Thief!”

October 27: “‘All Quiet on the’ Hudson”

October 31: “The State Elections”

November 1: “John Bull’s Neutrality"

November 5: “Impetuous Charge of the First Colored Rebel Regiment"

November 19: “A Southern Planter Arming His Slaves to Resist Invasion"

November 23: Untitled

November 29: “Old Mother Buchanan at Wheatland"

December 12: “Ironical”

December 19: “The Drummer-Boy of Our Regiment”

December 24: “The Real ‘Irrepressible Conflict’”

December 31: “The Union Christmas Dinner”

“On To Washington!”
June 17, 2024


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