For the Topic: 'U.S. Military'

January 16: "A School for Savages; or, Teaching the Young Idea not to Shoot"

January 25: “The Ass and the Charger”

January 31: “Manager Lincoln”

April 21: “Withdrawal of the Federal Bayonets from Alaska”

April 22: “A Man Knows A Man”

April 26: “Commodore Foote’s Game of Ten Pins with Beauregard”

April 30: “The War with Paraguay”

May 9: “Contrabands … Under the Proclamation”

June 10: “Victory and Death; Our Martyred President”

June 16: “Scott”

June 20: “Preserved Lumber”

July 5: “Another ‘Sore on the Body Politic’”

July 25: “The Freedmen’s Bureau”

August 13: “Who Is The Criminal?”

August 16: “Stop Hazing In Toto”

September 3: “Compromise with the South”

September 7: “Costume Suggested for the Brave Stay-at-Home Light Guard”

December 8: “Apotheosis”

December 9: “4—00,000 More”

December 19: “The Drummer-Boy of Our Regiment”

“On To Washington!”
June 17, 2024


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