For the Topic: 'Symbols, Uncle Sam'

February 25: "The Modern Buccaneers"

March 8: "Lasker(ated)"

March 18: "Probe Away!"

April 20: “The Big Thing”

May 11: Untitled - British Reform Bill of 1867

May 23: “The Next Thing In Order”

June 8: “The Great Balancing Act at Buffalo”

June 9: “The Boxers”

June 13: Untitled

June 18: “Hercules Tears Theseus from the Rock …”

June 23: “The Funny French Republic”

June 29: “Governor Magoffin’s neutrality …”

July 2: “That’s What’s the Trouble with John C.”

July 22: “The First Mountain to Be Removed”

July 24: “Uncle Sam Beats All Creation”

July 27: “Hurrah for the Shoes!”

August 11: “He Made It All By Himself”

August 13: “Who Is The Criminal?”

August 24: “Carl Is Disgusted with American Politics”

September 19: “Ah, In That, Too?”

September 26: “We Have Not Given Up Ruling The Waves Yet”

October 5: “The Apple of Discord at the Geneva Convention”

October 11: “Keeping the Money Where It Will Do the Most Good”

October 20: “A Trustworthy Beast”

November 18: “A Fair Field and No Favor!”

November 20: “Do It Now"

November 21: “Held Up The Wrong Man"

November 22: “Uncle Sam’s Thanksgiving Dinner"

November 23: Untitled

December 3: “Advice to the Head Boy”

December 6: “Making White Men ‘Good’ ”

December 7: “No Surrender”

December 13: “Be Sound in Mind and Body”

December 17: “Sammy’s Sugar-Plums”

“Absinthe Drinking …”
July 14, 2024


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