For the Topic: 'Arts and Entertainment'

March 11: "Our Youth and Youth's Literature From A Chinese Point of View"

March 22: "The Art of Acting"

March 28: "How the Bowery Boys Amuse Themselves"

April 15: “Mutual Admiration”

April 25: “Characters at Dickens’s Reading”

June 2: “The Chivalrous Press"

August 10: “Sudden Mania to Become Pianists …”

August 14: “Not In Their Set”

September 9: “Oscar Wilde on Our Cast-Iron Stoves”

September 25: “The Great Democratic Moral Show”

October 3: “Bohemians at the Grave of Shakespeare”

November 15: “The Lyceum Committeeman’s Dream"

December 16: “Ye Grand Ducal Ball at the Academy of Music”

December 20: Cartoon of Thomas Nast by de Grimm

"Bear and (All) for Bear"
March 4, 2024


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