For the Topic: 'Symbols, Columbia'

February 18: "The Chinese Question"

February 21: "First in War, First in Peace…"

March 6: "Any Thing But a 'Pacific Mail' "

March 8: "Lasker(ated)"

April 10: “Our Yankee Notion”

May 6: “Burst the Other Day at Washington, D. C.”

May 8: “The American River Ganges”

May 13: “The South … [and] the … Mississippi”

May 20: “Columbia Welcoming the Nations”

June 10: “Victory and Death; Our Martyred President”

July 2: “That’s What’s the Trouble with John C.”

July 3: “‘A Midsummer-Night's Dream’ Nomination”

July 29: “Something That Will Not ‘Blow Over’”

August 13: “Who Is The Criminal?”

September 3: “Compromise with the South”

October 15: “God Reigns, and the Government at Washington Still Lives”

November 22: “Uncle Sam’s Thanksgiving Dinner"

November 30: “Columbia Lays Aside Her Laurels…”

December 7: “No Surrender”

December 12: “Ironical”

December 31: “The Union Christmas Dinner”

“Making White Men ‘Good’ ”
December 6, 2023


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