For the Topic: 'New York State, Government/Politics'

January 30: “The Burglar’s Friend”

February 19: "More!"

March 30: "Justice on the Rail - Erie Railroad (Ring) Smash Up"

April 8: “The Hygiene of New York City”

April 14: “An Exciting Game for the Sentinels, but Death for the People”

April 19: “Reform Without Bloodshed”

May 7: “New York Must Go—Down"

May 19: “The Advantage of Being Small and Slippery”

May 25: “Making An Example of Two Naughty Boys”

June 28: “Plucked Too Soon”

August 28: “(New) Amsterdam Flooded …”

September 15: “Can He Make the Donkey Drink”

October 7: “The Ticket Is Finished”

October 9: “Attitude of the Easy Boss”

October 13: “A Desperate Chance”

October 18: “Dulce Et Decorum…”

October 30: “The Return of (Liberal) Fenton”

November 6: “We Fight Mit Sigel"

November 16: “1907"

“Completion of the Pacific Railroad …”
May 29, 2024


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