For the Topic: 'Irish Americans'

January 18: "The City’s Last Struggle With Its Ex-Rulers"

February 18: "The Chinese Question"

February 24: "Holy Horror of Mrs. McCaffraty…"

March 10: "A Polyglot Failure"

March 17: "The Foreigner"

March 28: "How the Bowery Boys Amuse Themselves"

April 28: “The Balance of Trade with Great Britain Seems to be Still Against Us”

July 29: “Something That Will Not ‘Blow Over’”

August 1: “How to Escape the Draft”

August 18: “Make Way for the Uncrowned King”

August 23: “The Blaine and Butler Combination”

September 11: “The Democratic Scapegoat”

October 21: “The Champion of the Fenians”

November 22: “Uncle Sam’s Thanksgiving Dinner"

“Reform Without Bloodshed”
April 19, 2024


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