For the Topic: 'New York City'

January 4: "January 1, 1873"

January 6: “Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make” - Old Song

January 18: "The City’s Last Struggle With Its Ex-Rulers"

January 21: “The Merry-Andrew of the Bergen Tunnel”

January 22: “Shake Sharp Next!”

January 28: “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

February 4: "Was it not a rum disaster, after all, at Spuyten Duyvil?"

February 8: "Father Knickerbocker"

February 26: "New York as a Nursing-Mother to her Foundlings"

March 1: "A New Reading Of An Old Parable"

March 3: "Elevated"

March 5: "The Bewitching Brokers.- Women on Change"

March 10: "A Polyglot Failure"

March 16: "The Guardian Angel of the Poor People's Money"

March 17: "The Foreigner"

March 23: "New York Street Railroad Cars - What We Are Coming To"

March 24: "Little Bismarck to Father Knickerbocker"

March 26: "An Opinion As Is An Opinion"

March 28: "How the Bowery Boys Amuse Themselves"

April 7: “Mr. Gould Just Back From Florida”

April 8: “The Hygiene of New York City”

April 23: “Better Late Than Never"

April 24: “The Chivalry of Modern Knights”

April 27: “House Hunting”

May 2: “A Sound Base-ist”

May 8: “The American River Ganges”

May 25: “Making An Example of Two Naughty Boys”

May 26: Untitled - NY alderman and Japanese visit

May 28: “Grand Completion of the … Elevated Railroad”

June 30: “The New York Harbor Everglades”

July 10: “The ‘Short-Hair’ and ‘Swallow-Tail’ Fight”

July 11: “New York as Artist Nast Saw It”

July 29: “Something That Will Not ‘Blow Over’”

August 1: “How to Escape the Draft”

August 10: “Sudden Mania to Become Pianists …”

September 2: “Hurrying for the Train”

September 6: “The Big Chief’s Fairy Godmother”

September 10: “The Battle of Bulls and Bears”

September 12: “The Return of the Prodigal”

September 30: “A Cinch”

October 6: “Hunting the Octopus”

October 9: “Attitude of the Easy Boss”

October 11: “Keeping the Money Where It Will Do the Most Good”

October 14: “Only One Escaped”

October 16: “Gold at 160. Gold at 130.”

October 19: “A Marriage of Convenience”

October 23: “Reform—By George”

November 24: “New York Entrance To The Brooklyn Bridge"

December 1: “A Thanksgiving Croker”

December 8: “Apotheosis”

December 16: “Ye Grand Ducal Ball at the Academy of Music”

“Absinthe Drinking …”
July 14, 2024


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