For the Topic: 'American South'

January 17: Untitled

February 6: "The Biggest Scare and Hoax Yet!"

February 24: "Holy Horror of Mrs. McCaffraty…"

February 27: "The Trouble has Commenced - A Tale of Anxiety"

March 29: "Waiting"

April 2: “U. S. Circus”

April 4: “General Stuart’s New Aid”

April 9: “Time Works Wonders”

April 21: “Withdrawal of the Federal Bayonets from Alaska”

May 1: “The Negro Exodus—The Old Style and the New”

May 4: “Probabilities"

May 9: “Contrabands … Under the Proclamation”

May 13: “The South … [and] the … Mississippi”

May 21: “An Old Scholar”

May 31: “Another Step Toward Civilization”

June 29: “Governor Magoffin’s neutrality …”

July 12: Untitled

July 13: “Double-Quick Step To Richmond”

July 25: “The Freedmen’s Bureau”

August 5: “Pleading the Baby Act”

August 12: “The ‘Bloody Shirt’ Reformed”

September 1: “Andrew Johnson’s Reconstruction and How it Works…”

September 18: “He Will Be Gulliver …?”

September 21: “Let Us Clasp Hands Over the Bloody Chasm”

October 12: “Stop Thief!”

October 27: “‘All Quiet on the’ Hudson”

November 3: “King Andy"

November 19: “A Southern Planter Arming His Slaves to Resist Invasion"

December 2: “Go South, Young Man”

December 12: “Ironical”

December 24: “The Real ‘Irrepressible Conflict’”

December 31: “The Union Christmas Dinner”

"The Art of Acting"
March 22, 2023


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