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Alabama Claims


American Indians

American South

Analogies, Ancient Egypt

Analogies, Ancient Greece

Analogies, Ancient Mythology

Analogies, Ancient Rome

Analogies, Bible

Analogies, British History

Analogies, Circus

Analogies, Fables

Analogies, Literature

Analogies, Napoleonic Wars

Analogies, Paintings

Analogies, Royalty

Analogies, Shakespeare

Analogy, Shakespearean

Anarchism and Nihilism

Anglo-American Relations

Antebellum Slavery


Arts and Entertainment


Black Americans

Business Scandals

Business, Advertising

Business, Banking

Business, Clothing

Business, Delivery

Business, Fishing

Business, Gas Companies

Business, Government Regulation

Business, Health

Business, Industrial Pollution

Business, International Trade

Business, Liquor

Business, Oil

Business, Railroads

Business, Shipping

Business, Steel

Business, Stock Market

Business, Telegraph Companies

Business, Trading Posts

Business, Trusts/Monopolies

Business, Women

Celebrations, Pan-American Exhibition

Celebrations, Pan-American Exposition

Celebrations, U.S. Centennial

Celebrations, Washington Memorial

Celebrations, World’s Fair

Charity, Disaster Relief

Charity, Fundraising

Charity, Poor Relief

Charity, Scandal


Children, Symbolic

Chinese Americans

Civil Service Reform/Patronage

Civil War, Battles

Civil War, Border States

Civil War, Conclusion

Civil War, Confederate Policy

Civil War, Copperheads/Peace Democrats

Civil War, Elections

Civil War, Emancipation

Civil War, Enlistment

Civil War, Espionage

Civil War, Finances

Civil War, Foreign Policy

Civil War, Homefront

Civil War, Military Administration

Civil War, Prelude

Civil War, Press Coverage

Civil War, Prisoners of War Policy

Civil War, Reconstruction

Civil War, Remembrance

Civil War, Secession

Civil War, Union Military



Congressional Elections

Conventions, Business

Conventions, Political

Conventions, Women’s

Cox, S. S. “Sunset”

Crime and Punishment

Dreyfus Case


Education, College

Education, Public Schools

Emperor Franz-Josef

Endangered Species

Federal Government Scandals

German Americans

Great Britain

Gubernatorial Administration, David B. Hill (NY)

Gubernatorial Administration, Grover Cleveland (NY)

Gubernatorial Administration, John A. King (NY)

Gubernatorial Administration, John Hoffman (NY)

Gubernatorial Administration, Joseph Foraker (OH)

Gubernatorial Administration, Samuel J. Tilden (NY)


Holidays, April Fool’s Day

Holidays, Christmas

Holidays, Evacuation Day

Holidays, Independence Day

Holidays, Memorial Day

Holidays, Moving Day

Holidays, New Year’s Day

Holidays, St. Patrick’s Day

Holidays, Thanksgiving Day

Holidays, Valentine’s Day

Home Life




Irish Americans

Japanese Americans

Jewish Americans

John Brown’s Raid at Harper’s Ferry


Kaiser Wilhelm



Mayoral Elections

Military Impressment

National Liberal League

Natural Disasters, Blizzard

Natural Disasters, Fire

Natural Disasters, Flood

New York City Government/Politics

New York City, Black Americans

New York City, Blizzard

New York City, Business

New York City, Celebrations/Honors

New York City, Education

New York City, Government/Politics

New York City, Home Life

New York City, Mayors

New York City, Public Health

New York City, Riots

New York City, Statue of Liberty

New York City, Technology

New York City, Transportation

New York State, Agriculture

New York State, Celebrations/Honors

New York State, Government/Politics

New York State, Judiciary

Patent Medicine


Police Corruption

Postal Service

Presidential Administration, Abraham Lincoln

Presidential Administration, Andrew Johnson

Presidential Administration, Benjamin Harrison

Presidential Administration, Chester A. Arthur

Presidential Administration, Grover Cleveland

Presidential Administration, James Buchanan

Presidential Administration, James Garfield

Presidential Administration, Theodore Roosevelt

Presidential Administration, Ulysses S. Grant

Presidential Administration, William Howard Taft

Presidential Cabinet, Attorney General

Presidential Cabinet, Entire

Presidential Cabinet, Postmaster General

Presidential Cabinet, Secretary of Commerce and Labor

Presidential Cabinet, Secretary of State

Presidential Cabinet, Secretary of the Navy

Presidential Cabinet, Secretary of the Treasury

Presidential Election 1860

Presidential Election 1864

Presidential Election 1868

Presidential Election 1872

Presidential Election 1876

Presidential Election 1880

Presidential Election 1884

Presidential Election 1888

Presidential Election 1896

Presidential Election 1900

Presidential Election 1904

Presidential Election 1908

Presidential Elections 1876

Presidential Elections 1900

Public Health

Public Safety


Religion, Agnosticism

Religion, Apocalypse

Religion, Christian Science

Religion, Islam

Religion, Mormon Church

Religion, Papal Infallibility

Religion, Prayer

Religion, Protestant-Catholic Relations

Religion, Roman Catholic

Religion, Roman Catholic Church

Riots, Draft Riot

Riots, Orange Day Riot

Riots, Race Riots

Rural-Urban Contrast

Science, Evolution

Sectional Reconciliation

Sexual Morality, Free Love

Sexual Morality, Polygamy

Shakespeare Controversy

Shakespearean Controversy

Sports and Recreation

State Elections


Symbol, New York City

Symbols, American Eagle

Symbols, British Lion

Symbols, Columbia

Symbols, Cuba

Symbols, Cupid

Symbols, Democratic Donkey

Symbols, Democratic Tiger

Symbols, Europa

Symbols, France

Symbols, Ireland

Symbols, Irish Harp

Symbols, Irish Shamrock

Symbols, Islamic Crescent Moon

Symbols, Italia

Symbols, John Bull

Symbols, Justice

Symbols, King Neptune

Symbols, Liberty

Symbols, New York City

Symbols, New York State

Symbols, Newfoundland Dog

Symbols, North

Symbols, Peace

Symbols, Populist Ostrich

Symbols, Punch

Symbols, Rag Baby

Symbols, Republican Elephant

Symbols, Russian Bear

Symbols, Santa Claus

Symbols, Scapegoat

Symbols, South

Symbols, Stock Market Bulls and Bears

Symbols, Tammany Tiger

Symbols, Turkish Turkey

Symbols, Uncle Sam

Tammany Hall, Charles F. Murphy

Tammany Hall, Isaiah Rynders

Tammany Hall, John Kelly

Tammany Hall, John Morrissey

Tammany Hall, Richard Croker

Tammany Hall, Tweed Ring

Technology, Automobile

Technology, Electrical Power

Technology, Gas Heating/Lighting

Technology, Skyscrapers

Technology, Sound Recording/Phonograph

Technology, Telegraph

Technology, Telephone

Technology, Transatlantic Telegraph

Temperance Reform



Transportation, Aircraft

Transportation, Automobile

Transportation, Brooklyn Bridge

Transportation, Panama Canal

Transportation, Railroads

Transportation, Shipping

Transportation, Streetcars

Turkey/Ottoman Empire

U.S. Constitution

U.S. Economic Panics and Depressions

U.S. Economic Policy, Business Regulation

U.S. Economic Policy, Business Subsidies

U.S. Economic Policy, Money Question

U.S. Economic Policy, Southern Claims

U.S. Economic Policy, Taxation

U.S. Economic Policy, Trade/Tariffs

U.S. Foreign Policy

U.S. Military

U.S. Military Academy/West Point

U.S. Military, Local Militia

U.S. Military, National Guard

U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Tours by Foreign Dignitaries

Voting Rights

Voting, Ballot Reform

Wars, American Civil War

Wars, American Civil War (1861-1865)

Wars, American Indian Wars

Wars, American War for Independence

Wars, American War of Independence

Wars, Austro-Prussian (Seven Weeks’) War

Wars, Boxer Rebellion

Wars, Cuban War for Independence

Wars, Franco-Prussian War

Wars, Indian Mutiny/First War for Indian Independence

Wars, Italian War for Independence (1859-1861)

Wars, Mormon War/Utah War

Wars, Philippine-U.S. War

Wars, Russian Revolution of 1905

Wars, Russo-Japanese War

Wars, Russo-Turkish War

Wars, Spanish-American War

Women, Beauty

Women, Charity

Women, Civil War

Women, Labor

Women, Religion

Women, Sports

Women, Symbolic

Women, Symbols

Women, Wives

Women, Women’s Rights

“On To Washington!”
June 17, 2024


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