Clear, Easy-To-Read, Electronic Presentation of Every Page of Harper's Weekly.

Provides for a pleasurable viewing experience, virtually eliminating eyestrain for users through the integration of clear, high resolution, grayscale images with an intuitive software interface.

Enables users to quickly "turn" the full-size electronic pages of the on-line volumes of Harper's Weekly while browsing. 

Permits simultaneous previewing of several small-scale page images (thumbnails), on a software "light-box."  Below is the August 1, 1863 issue of Harper's Weekly which covers the Civil War draft riots in New York City.

Pg. 481 Pg. 482 Pg. 483 Pg. 484 Pg. 485
Pg. 486 Pg. 487 Pgs. 488 & 489 Pg. 490 Pg. 491
Pg. 492 Pg. 493 Pg. 494 Pg. 495 Pg. 496

Provides images in three sizes to allow the user to enlarge for easy reading.

Offers the capability for producing high quality image printouts to augment instruction and document research.
This is especially important for illustrations because microfilm printouts are often too blurred to be usable.

Allows the user to save pages as JPEG files for further image manipulation.

Renders the small typeface commonly used by 19th century printers, more legible than in the original pages of Harper's Weekly. In addition, illustration characteristics such as individual faces, artists' signatures, and other tiny details not easily seen in the original can be enhanced.


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