Harper's Weekly, November 10, 1860 This segment opens with the inaugural issue of Harper’s Weekly, dated January 3, 1857. In the years before the Civil War, the illustrated national newspaper reports extensively on the economic panic of 1857, John Brown’s raid at Harper’s Ferry, the attempt to lay the first transatlantic telegraph cable, the Italian War for Independence, Congressman Daniel Sickles’s murder of Philip Barton Key, visits to America by a Japanese diplomatic mission and Edward, Prince of Wales, and the presidential election of 1860.

With the onset of the Civil War, the journal devotes its efforts to covering the conflict with detailed reporting, vivid illustrations, and influential commentary.  Readers follow news and views from the battlefront and intense policy debates concerning emancipation, the draft (including the bloody draft riots), financing the war, and civil liberties; as well as gain insight from the journal’s cartoons, literature, and advertisements.  The segment concludes with the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, the end of the Civil War, the beginning of Reconstruction, and the transition to a postwar society.


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